The Evolution

The Konstantinidis Construction has an evolution over the years, either in the way in which exist now or in other ways (in the direct or distant past). This evolution starts in 1961. Konstantinidis Construction deals with part of building development since 1961 and continues until today.

The first years of its establishment, was a construction (subcontractor’s-contractor’s) company, which undertook the first stages of building; this means, the construction of formwork, the creation of coating, stages of building and roof insulation- mainly in new buildings. In this period, the company conducted several projects not only on a small scale but also on a large scale. Hence, it was constructed, by the company, the stages which have been mentioned above, both on small owned properties and on large private or public buildings. For instance, it has been built, the new wing of Korydallos, Athens prisons, Attica, 19th Elementary School of Nikaia, Attica, preschool in Rentis-Nikaia, Attica, and a mall, with coverage 11.000 m2, in Melissia, Attica. The company has been collaborated with the best manufacturers of apartments, in areas of operation, and nationwide with the most significant offices in conduction of application studies. 

All these years Konstantinidis Construction, is based on its principles and with basic motto ‘high quality and technique’ to implementations, manage to create its own brand in the field of construction. Moreover, the company owned a great number of construction tools (formwork, scaffolding and other related machinery) which gave the opportunity for the development of these projects. 

Over the years, the company was activated in construction and marketplace of apartments, through associations and with the participation, one of its members, in General Partnerships establishment. This hustle was active from 2002 until 2013. In this period of time, projects of total completion were took place by the construction company. This means that the company undertook the customers’ site to be built and be delivered (to the customer) when the final stage has been completed and the building was habitable.

The Konstantinidis Construction has not neglected the initial activity in the field of building. However, the company, considering the development which has been followed in this specific domain, was evolved and started to be active in other fields of construction according to studies (of its members), additional knowledge and innovative ideas which were created from new generations, always adjustable on the same standards which govern its establishment.

Hence, in the renovation field has been activated since 2002, having conducted studies and implementing projects both on large and small scale. Research and varied ideas of members ensure continuously development and creation of dynamic and evolving structures of buildings. The fact that, one of its members studies are related with this specific field (renovation), enable  a company with expertise in specific interventions and not just an occasional , unskilled company of renovation .

In the field of insulation has been activated, as it mentioned above, from the first years of its establishment and with rapid development since 2007 because of the consideration of the great emptiness in the market credibility. A significant factor was, also, the awareness of its members for the damage which is caused by buildings (either residential or business use) to the environment and people who inhabit on these.

In this way Konstantinidis Construction has been evolved through the years, and only one thing is certain; that this evolution will be continued...

The Company

The Konstantinidis Construction is a building development and also a family business, which has been evolved and adjusted, in the market needs, over the years, always offering the highest service standards.

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