Renovations of stores

The need for makeover in business places constitutes, for renovation’s companies, the beginning and the oldest field of action. Almost, all the companies base, the greatest part of their works, on renovations of stores. Most of the time, these renovations include the part of decoration, as it is integral element in such applications. Thus, Konstantinidis Construction has several applications of store’s creation or restoration on business sites either franchise or entrepreneur’s businesses (small and large scale), in various fields of activity. On franchise business site, the construction company has to be organized and consistent in order to conform to deadlines and specifications of the applications. 

Konstantinidis Construction has carried through such constructions, undertaking either a part or all applications, as a whole. Moreover, Konstantinidis Construction has specified franchise stores, from the beginning, in collaboration with the external partners.

Business sites of individual entrepreneur (offices, stores etc) require direction in all domains of applications and solutions to the customer, by the contractor’s company. A company has to preserve not only the construction but also the decoration philosophy in order to be maintained the balance between these two parts of renovation. 

The Company

The Konstantinidis Construction is a building development and also a family business, which has been evolved and adjusted, in the market needs, over the years, always offering the highest service standards.

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