The Philosophy

The primary principle and philosophy of the company, which is conveyed through generations, is the fact that every customer trusts the savings of a whole life or the savings which will occur, to the company. With this in mind, the company has always to respect and reciprocate the customers’ trust.

Generally the construction industry and renovation is not only profit. It is a service which should be offered according to standards which have described and specified in the relevant costing structure.  Many times, it is likely to lead in damage for the company, however, without influence in service and products quality.

The Konstantinidis Construction avoids the creation of “renovation packages” as the needs of each customer are different and unique. Primary aim is to perceive the uniqueness of each customer without using the ‘grouping’ concept which leads in targeted deception.

Basic principle of Konstantinidis Construction is the consistency in agreements, appointments and schedules. Company’s operations are based on truth and consistency. The commencement and completion of projects comply with the specifications which are identified in costing phase.

The servicing, after the completion of the project, is the most significant thing which makes Konstantinidis Construction to differ from other competitive companies.

The Company

The Konstantinidis Construction is a building development and also a family business, which has been evolved and adjusted, in the market needs, over the years, always offering the highest service standards.

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