people1Konstantinidis K. Lazaros

  • Foreman of construction project.
  • Graduate from Private Technical School ‘E. Bathrelou- Standard Technology School of Athens’, Greece.
  • Head of construction and organizational part of projects, based on his vast and long experience.


people2Konstantinidis L. Konstantinos

  • Applied mathematician, with specialization in business mathematics.
  • Graduate from Science and Engineering School, Department of Applied Mathematics, University of Crete, Hrakleio, Greece.
  • Responsible for costing and offer preparation, for the organization on (construction) site and finally, responsible for the management of financial data.


people3Konstantinidis L. Evangelos

  • Renovation and restoration of buildings Engineer.
  • Graduate from Technological Applications School, Department of Renovation and Restoration, Technological Educational Institute of Patras, Greece.
  • Responsible for the conduction of application studies and design visualization of renovations.



Freelance/ External Partners

In Konstantinidis Construction there is a well organized network of selected associates. Primary aim is the coverage of any need in each project application.

The Company

The Konstantinidis Construction is a building development and also a family business, which has been evolved and adjusted, in the market needs, over the years, always offering the highest service standards.

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