Konstantinidis Construction, because of many years presence and experience in the construction and reconstruction field, can undertake the decoration of each space, displaying innovative ideas and proposals with the use of photorealistic visualization.

In these visualizations will be presented the texture and shade of the materials with which will be padded the place. It also undertakes the search, in the national and international market, of decorative elements which will attribute to the desire result.

Konstantinidis Construction has created and constructed several decorative ideas, as its members are always aware of trends which exist in the international market.

The key factor in decoration and also, accomplishment of all participants, is the adjustment in customers’ demands and the creation of an artistic result. At the same time, the aim of decorator is also to adjust customers’ demands in current trends and put his own detail which will define the uniqueness of the place.

The Company

The Konstantinidis Construction is a building development and also a family business, which has been evolved and adjusted, in the market needs, over the years, always offering the highest service standards.

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