Konstantinidis Construction undertakes to visit the site of renovation, hear the demands and needs of customer and finally adjust to these, creating premeditation, free of charge, for the interventions which are connected with the proportional application study for restoration.

This service is completed in two or three meetings and there is no charge. With the completion of the meetings, which is referred above, the customer will be able to know, approximately, the cost of interventions which have been chosen by him/her. Moreover, the customer will be able to see the conformation of rooms, printed in 2D dimension, if this has been decided. If there is an agreement from both sides, therefore, customer and building contractor move on to the next stage.

The Company

The Konstantinidis Construction is a building development and also a family business, which has been evolved and adjusted, in the market needs, over the years, always offering the highest service standards.

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